Valentino is a true numismatist with over 35+ years experience.

Valentino's Coins is NOT a scrap or thrift shop.

Don't settle for scrap for your rare coins.

A trusted professional, Valentino will personally meet with you and show you what your coins are worth.

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Valentino's Coins is a family owned business where ethics and integrity go hand in hand with every transaction. 

We do not believe in false or misleading advertising.

Whether your buying or selling, Valentino is a name you can trust.

Specializing in Rare Coins, Fine Jewelry, Antiques, Collectibles, Military & Historical Artifacts.

Have an Estate that needs liquidation. Look no further, Valentino & his wife, Desiree have been handling estate and tag sales for over 18 years. Call today for the professionalism and care you deserve.

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